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Chemical, physical and material properties and data of the chemical element Flerovium.



Flerovium - symbol: Fl - is the name accepted by the IUPAC in May 2012 for the artificial chemical element 114 (systematic name: Ununquadium, Uuq).

The name Flerovium was chosen in honor of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions - a Russian research facility named after the physicist Georgij N. Flerov (1913-1990), where element 114 was first produced in 1998/1999 (see also: discovery of flerovium and livermorium).

The flerovium is assigned an atomic mass of 289 - commonly derived from the most stable isotope known and verified.

As a superheavy element of the 7th period of the periodic table, flerovium belongs to the element group of the transactinoids. In detail, it is a p-block or main group element from the carbon group.

Very few properties of flerovium or its compounds have been measured so far. This is due to the extremely limited and expensive production and the fact that the Fl atoms decay very quickly. A few properties could be measured directly; overall, however, the properties of this chemical element remain largely unknown, so that mostly only predictions and theoretical calculations are available.


General Information about Flerovium

Regular nameFleroviumChemical symbolFlOther namesElement 114Systematic nameUnunquadium, Uuq (until June 2012, now obsolete)Historical namesEka-Lead, Eka-PbName meaning, originFlerov Laboratory; Georgij N. FlerovDiscovery (year)1998 - Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).OccurenceOnly artificially producible chemical element with no practical meaning.Position in the PSEGroup 14 (main group IVa), period 7, p-blockGroup membershipCarbon group, tetrels, metal or metalloid, transactinides


Atomar Properties of Flerovium

Atomic number Z114 = number of protonsStandard Atomic Weight289.19042 (60)


Electron configuration of Flerovium

Due to its position in the periodic table, flerovium probably has 4 valence electrons: 7s2 7p2. The electron configuration is:


Abbreviated form: [Rn] 5f14 6d10 7s2 7p2.


Ionization Energies of Flerovium

The following table lists the ionization energies IE (ionization potentials); the IE is the energy required in electron volts (eV) per atom to separate a given electron from an Flerovium atom.



Isotopic Data of Flerovium

An overview of the nuclides as well as the isotopic data and properties are listed on the following page: Flerovium isotopes.


Chemistry of Flerovium


Oxidation states(+I). +II. (+IV)


Material and Physical Properties

Boiling point- 60 °CEnthalpy of vaporization38 kJ mol-1Density14.3 g cm-3 [l]


External Data, Identifiers

CAS registry number54085-16-4InChI =1S/FlInChIKeyWIHJCBVMYKIGOT-UHFFFAOYSA-N


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